What Kind of Business Traveller Are You?


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Are you a newby when it comes to business travel and you’re apprehending it?

You have been travelled for business your whole life? And still apprehend it?

Or you keep travelling since forever and you still enjoy it?

If you think about your business traveller type I’m sure you have never seen yourself as a lion, bear, wolf or squirrel.

You’re a serious business traveller, but a little fun from time to time goes a long way and helps alleviate the burden of too frequent, too many business trips.

Take the quiz. You might discover aspects you haven’t thought about.


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Next week you are going on a business trip. How do you feel about it?
When I travel for work, the most important for me is
(choose one or more answers)

When you are travelling for work, how important it is for you to stay in touch with your family and friends?
Do you make plans to meet up with friends who live or are also visiting the location you are going to travel to for work?
If you like the location you are visiting, do you extend the trip to visit more of the place?
Do you research the place where you will travel (culture, customs, food, places to visit, restaurants, health issues, safety and security, etc)
Do you share moments of your trip with your friends on social networks?
What are your biggest challenges when you travel?

When you travel, how do you relax after work?

Is your way of relaxing after work different when you travel and when you are at home?
How do you feel after returning from a business trip?
How do you recharge after an exhausting business trip?

What are your personal goals related to business travelling?

My trips are mostly ...
I am usually away for ...
In a year, I am travelling, on average ...
I usually travel by ...

A few questions about yourself

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What is your gender?
Your role in the organization:

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