Weekend Activities: Weekend Habits of the Highly Successful

Studies have shown that your weekend activities have an influence on how your next week will look like. And this is mainly because of the optimum amount of working hours per week.

Everything above 50 hours work per week is considered unproductive. If you are working 70 hours a week, here’s the bad news: you lost almost half of the week without too much added value.


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However, that doesn’t mean that, to be on top of your game during the week, it’s enough to sleep, watch TV and be a couch potato during the weekend.

Here are some ideas you can steal from the highly successful (and, not necessarily, highly famous).





What do you enjoy doing? What puts you in a state of flow? What makes you feel energized?

It it’s a hobby, sports, going for a walk in nature, painting, manual work, photography, you name it, just go do it.




Put away that phone, tablet, and anything with an internet connection.

You might be too addicted to appreciate the benefits, but you can start with a little time off the grid and increase it gradually.

Go talk to people. Face to face.


Get Social

Now that you are off the phone, tablet, internet and in the real world, you can start making time for family and friends.

Organize some interesting activities, have some conversations!

You might be surprised.


You want to be successful? Disconnect at the weekend. And get social. #worklifebalance #qualitytime Click To Tweet


Plan the Week Ahead

Even though this is better done before the weekend starts, it’s always a good idea to know how you want the next week to look like.

With a clear head, it’s easier to see the opportunities.


Further reading: Learn how to stay focused when the number of attention hijacking activities is on the rise. Lack of focus is not only one of the main causes of stress (and the stress statistics worldwide are quite alarming) but it also has an impact on creativity and ultimately our general sense of happiness.



Yikes! Sorry, but it’s good for you.


Step Up Your Game

Read. Books. Go to see an art exhibition.

Make time for self-improvement (learn a language, get over that fear of public speaking, learn a craft).

It’s good for your brain.

Photo Credit: Krista McPhee



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