How Do You Talk about Your Brand?

How we talk about a Brand whether it’s a corporation a product or a service is a critical component for success.

A brand story not only unites your employees with a common purpose it connects them with their customers.

Before I start any project I ask the Leadership team and a cross-section of executives and employees a few simple questions.

  1. What do you do and why?
  2. What Industry / category are you in?
  3. Who do you do it for?
  4. What key problem do you solve for customers?
  5. Why does it matter?

What I have found to be similar in most organisations is that there are sometimes numerous and fragmented answers and even disagreement or confusion on what the Brand stands for and even what category they are in.

All of these fragments are driving sales, internal communications, and culture; including marketing and key messages to your customer.

And if it’s confusing for employees, then do your customers understand what you’re about and why you’re different? If your message is hard to understand it has a good chance of being either ignored or devalued.


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We all like clarity and we often simply ignore confusion. When people don’t know how to talk about a brand the harder it is for them to share it.

You need a common framework and story for everyone in the company, one that does not use ‘internal speak’. That brings focus and consistency from a customer’s point of view that influences every communication point.

If you sent out a customer to ask one of your front of office or field employees “who are you and what do you do for me?” would they know what to say, would a customer understand and would they be believable?

A brand story not only unites your employees with a common purpose it connects them with their customers. It helps you communicate what you promise and what makes your brand memorable, so you can ultimately deliver a consistent brand experience.

So Brand Positioning and brand building is obvious, but does it give everyone in the organisation the tools to know how to talk about the brand?

Articulate your story and use a collaborative process to engage everyone in the company so they understand and become your brand advocates.








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