Time to Raise Stress Awareness


“Stress is like garbage”


If it accumulates it starts creating problems. Reducing your stress levels starts with stress awareness.

You first become aware of what stresses you and you continue with learning how to avoid, ignore, change your perspective or fight the source of stress.

Caught in the speed of our lives, we fail to notice what causes our stress. We end up feeling tensed and, the worst case, on the brink of a burn-out.

All the stress relief techniques in the world won’t help you feel better if you don’t start at the root of the problem.


Stress Awareness – What Is the Source of Your Stress?


Can you identify it? Can you tell how you feel at that very moment?

To become more resilient to stress you need to start at the root of the problem, identify your triggers, and work your way up to learning and applying the techniques known to reduce your stress levels at the very moment when stress happens, and to prevent stress from building up on the long run.


“When you don’t know what stresses you, how do you fight against it?”


We all want to feel less stressed, but none of us wants to invest too much in achieving this goal. We want the problem fixed yesterday and if possible without our involvment. Even if, we are aware that this is not a reasonable attitude.


Here’s the deal!


We have concentrated the solution in 20 minutes per day for 28 days? Too much? Not enough? Up to you to decide.

During these 28 days you will learn how to raise your stress awareness by identify your own sources of stress. You will next learn how to better deal with the consequences of stress.


I don’t believe in the one size fits all methods for stress reduction. Because we are all different and we react differently to different sources of stress.

What I liked about this exercise was that it guided me towards identifying my own sources of stress and it gave me several methods of stress relief to test. This way I could find the one that works best for me.

– Adrian H.

Recommended. Especially the part where you turn off the auto-pilot and start being aware of what stresses you. For me, some of the stress sources were so trivial that I could get rid of them right away. Sounds funny, but at the end of the day it’s less stress that accumulates.

– Lorna D.


If you too are in need of a stress dump, but don’t know where to start, why don’t you block 20 minutes in your agenda (mark it as personal time) for the next 28 days and use the 4 Week Stress Relief Guide?

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Stress Relief Tips and Relaxation Techniques

Customized to Your Needs

28 days to understand the root cause of your stress, and to learn 20+ stress relief and relaxation tips, with simple exercises to help you relax faster and stress less.

Because less stress means: better sleep, improved focus, more energy and creativity, and a happier healthier life.

Take action. It’s your life.



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