Empty Your “Stress Recycle Bin”


“Stress is like garbage.

if recycled at regular intervals, everything’s ok.”


Stop for a second and look around you in the office. Notice how people behave.

You will probably see the two extremes: the always cheerful and the always irritated.

And every possible combination in between the two extremes.

Beside personality, another important factor that plays a role in our behavior is how well we handle stress.

The problems starts when garbage accumulates …

stress relief stress management - the busy lifestylePhoto Credit: Dmitry Ratushny

Maybe you have already noticed the changes in your behavior when too much stress builds up.

From becoming impatient while waiting in line or even while waiting for the elevator, to becoming irritated by the smallest interruption, to more serious symptoms like jittery legs, an increased heart rate even without making considerable effort or finding it difficult to fall asleep because of too many thoughts racing through your head. And the list can go on and on.


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Think about this as if it were a recycle bin.

Each stressful situation or event adds something  to the bin.

When the bin is empty, you barely notice it.

But when the bin fills up, even the tiniest piece of additional stress makes you over-react.

When you look in retrospect, you cannot stop but wonder what exactly triggered that exaggerated reaction.

The answer is: accumulated stress.



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While it is naive to think that you can live completely stress free, a better approach is to learn how to empty the stress “recycle bin” at regular intervals.

There are a lot of techniques out there going from the more simple and very effective relaxation techniques to the more elaborated cognitive techniques where one learns to understand the source of stress, the impact of stress on one’s well-being, and the way to change one’s response to the stress factor.

The more of these stress reduction techniques you know the faster you will be able to erase the negative effects of stress.

Reducing the impact stress has on your life has a positive impact not only on your well-being but also on your productivity, on the quality of your relationships, on your health and on the quality of your life in general.


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