Proactive Buzzword Bingo. What to Say to Avoid Being Annoying

If you had enough of the proactive buzzword bingo we’re here to help. It’s not that you really want to use the buzzword, but sometimes you don’t know another word to replace it with.

Here you can find some synonyms, the explanation of the word, its origin and some more.


Origin of the Word

According to the Webster Dictionary the original meaning of the word is:

  • relating to, caused by, or being interference between previous learning and the recall or performance of later learning (e.g. proactive inhibition of memory).


First Use



Origin of the Buzzword

Until recently, the word reactive (as in people who tend to react to a problem only when it’s gotten serious) didn’t have an antonym.

Proactive was coined to describe the opposite of a reactive person.

In this sense, it means a person who is always looking into the future and acting in anticipation of future problems, needs and changes.


Playing Proactive Buzzword Bingo. Examples

  • to take proactive steps to improve a situation
  • a proactive approach
  • a proactive attitude
  • being proactive in finding answers to an important issue


What You Can Say Instead

If you had enough of proactive, you can replace it with










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