Good leadership training and development materials, adapted to the needs of a busy successful leader are a necessity nowadays.

Leadership Training and Development MaterialsWhat makes the difference between a good leader and a great one?

It’s a complex question, and the answer can’t be less complex. There is a huge variety of factors that can tilt the balance, and some of them are extrinsic, outside of the influence of the leader.

But if we were to consider only the intrinsic factors, probably, the most important is the awareness of the fact that learning never stops.


Leadership Training Materials for Busy People


We have created special leadership training and development materials for the great leaders who learn every day even if their daily schedule is beyond busy.

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12 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Learning

12 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Learning

They are better at creating, acquiring, interpreting, transferring, and retaining knowledge. They not only have the knowledge, but they also know what to do with it. They, as an organization, know how to modify their behavior...
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The 5 Elements of Learning Organizations

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You’re Never Assuming. Or Are You? – Take the Quiz and See by Yourself

To assume as in to suppose. You know the results of assuming are never good, so you try to avoid assuming. But are you always? Sometimes we tell ourselves stories, without even realising their impact on our...
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Personality Types and How They Influence the Way We Lead

  Have you noticed how sometimes people’s decisions, actions, behaviors just don’t make sense? Well, here’s the news: it makes sense for them! Always! The misunderstanding comes from the fact that they are acting based on their...
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You Want Better Meetings? – Use the 6 Thinking Hats

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Kickstart Cross-Functional Collaboration – Break Down Silos

As I have found over and over again, the power of cross-functional collaboration, of a cross-functional team is far stronger than the individual working alone. By combining a team’s strength and knowledge, they have...
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Leadership Skill Set: Leadership Soft Skills vs. Leadership Technical Skills

When it comes to leadership, the set of skills a leader has is essential. A certain level of technical skills (hard skills) is required, but not enough. However, an obvious lack of soft skills...